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DuoBent BX10 preparation

DuoBent is an eco-innovation on a European scale. This product is to be used in the optimization of wastewater both municipal and industrial treatment processes,. Products are manufactured in accordance with a patented technology that ensures their safety.

Cząsteczka preparatu glinokrzemianów DuoBent - do zostosowań dla oczyszczalni ścieków


This product is intended for sewage treatment plants up to 100,000 P.E. , that struggle with the sedimentation of activated sludge, the inflow of fat that mostly contribute to occurrence of biological scum and foam on the surface of the biological chambers. The reduction of these substances which are the growth factor for filamentous bacteria allows for staring a mechanisms that leads to the reduction of their number in the system.

In this way, we operate comprehensively to optimize the wastewater treatment process according to the following key:

  • Foam and scum reduction allows to bond actinomycetes trapped in foam for further contamination, e.g. with aluminum ions,
  • Reduction of fat -> limiting the amount of substrate for further development of filamentous bacteria,
  • Reduction of surfactants -> reduction of one of the main causes of foam formation,
  • Reducing the number of filamentous bacteria -> proven adhesion of actinomycetes to submicron DuoBent particles, which directly prevents their transport to air bladder forming foam,
  • Improving the sedimentation of sludge rich in filamentous bacteria -> the effect of electrostatic interaction clearly supports the sedimentation of activated sludge rich in Actinobacteria
DuoBent BX10 opakowanie

The main advantages of DuoBent BX10

  • Over 90% reduction of fat
  • Foam and scum reduction
  • Ideal solution for small to medium sized SBR tanks struggling with foam/fat/no sedimentation properties
  • Dedicated to simultaneous operation with aluminum ions in order to quick reduction of the number of filamentous bacteria
  • Dedicated to prevent further reproduction of filamentous bacteria

Raw sewage pretreatment – pre-precipitation

Pre-precipitation of the pollution load from raw sewage, whether at industrial or municipal facilities, brings many operational benefits, e.g. :

  • complex reduction of specific substances -> prevention of deterioration of biological activity of activated sludge organisms,
  • reduction of fatty substances -> reduction of excessive growth of filamentous bacteria in activated sludge
  • reduction of surfactants -> prevention of foam formation on the biological chamber
  • preliminary precipitation of pollutants, e.g. COD reduction = less load on the biological chamber -> savings

The main advantages of DuoBent BX10 at the precipitation stage

  • initial precipitation of the pollutant load at the first stage
  • reduction of SPCs and disinfectants used during the cleaning of technological lines
  • preventing the deterioration of the biological activity of activated sludge microorganisms
  • can be used in various industrial wastewater treatment technologies
  • an eco-innovative alternative to chemical pre-treatment and flotation
  • can be used in powder form (automatic microdoser/screw feeder) or in liquid form (colloidal suspension)

Other products from the DuoBent family

DuoBent BX500

  • Alternative to DuoBent BX10
  • Reduction of foam and fat scum
  • Solution for medium to large plants struggling with foam/fat/no sedimentation
  • Dedicated to work simultaneously with aluminum ions to quickly reduce the number of filamentous bacteria
  • Dedicated to prevent further reproduction of filamentous bacteria
DuoBent BX220

  • Immediate improvement in sedimentation in the presence of filamentous bacteria 021N
  • The potential for complete elimination of bacteria 021N
  • Reduction of fat substances and sulfides
  • The possibility of reducing the load in raw wastewater
DuoBent S-block

  • Extremely low doses
  • Enables the reduction or complete elimination of unpleasant odors
  • Reduces the concentration of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia
DuoBent F500

  • immediate improvement of activated sludge sedimentation
  • solves the problem of sludge drift in the secondary settling tank
  • reduction of floating suspension in the treated wastewater, which sometimes causes exceeding the parameters
  • extremely low doses
  • no need to dosing every day – thanks to the attachment of submicron DuoBent particles to the sludge, the product stays in the biological system = long-term effect
  • possibility of application to aerobic stabilization/gravitational/mechanical thickeners to improve sludge dewatering – increase in dry mass by up to 6% while reducing polymer consumption
DuoBent F2

  • An alternative to DuoBent F500
  • Immediate action
  • Can be used in the primary settling stage
  • Improves the parameters of the treated wastewater