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DuoBent: A Modern Preparation Revolutionizing the Wastewater Treatment Industry

DuoBent, thanks to its unique structure, undergoes dispersion to form extremely fine submicron particles, creating a highly charged electric surface. During dispersion, water dipoles penetrate the interior structure of the preparation, leading to spontaneous dissolution into colloidal particles, forming a network reminiscent of a polished diamond.

All DuoBent Preparations

DuoBent BX10

  • Over 90% reduction of fat
  • Foam and scum reduction
  • Ideal solution for small to medium sized SBR tanks struggling with foam/fat/no sedimentation properties
  • Dedicated to simultaneous operation with aluminum ions in order to quick reduction of the number of filamentous bacteria
  • Dedicated to prevent further reproduction of filamentous bacteria
DuoBent BX500

  • Alternative to DuoBent BX10
  • Reduction of foam and fat scum
  • Solution for medium to large plants struggling with foam/fat/no sedimentation
  • Dedicated to work simultaneously with aluminum ions to quickly reduce the number of filamentous bacteria
  • Dedicated to prevent further reproduction of filamentous bacteria
DuoBent BX220

  • Immediate improvement in sedimentation in the presence of filamentous bacteria 021N
  • The potential for complete elimination of bacteria 021N
  • Reduction of fat substances and sulfides
  • The possibility of reducing the load in raw wastewater
DuoBent S-block

  • Extremely low doses
  • Enables the reduction or complete elimination of unpleasant odors
  • Reduces the concentration of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia
DuoBent F500

  • immediate improvement of activated sludge sedimentation
  • solves the problem of sludge drift in the secondary settling tank
  • reduction of floating suspension in the treated wastewater, which sometimes causes exceeding the parameters
  • extremely low doses
  • no need to dosing every day – thanks to the attachment of submicron DuoBent particles to the sludge, the product stays in the biological system = long-term effect
  • possibility of application to aerobic stabilization/gravitational/mechanical thickeners to improve sludge dewatering – increase in dry mass by up to 6% while reducing polymer consumption
DuoBent F2

  • An alternative to DuoBent F500
  • Immediate action
  • Can be used in the primary settling stage
  • Improves the parameters of the treated wastewater