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DuoBent – innovative solutions in wastewater treatment optimization processes

ECO-innovative solutions in optimization processes of wastewater treatment

DuoBent is a technologically advanced group of aluminosilicate mixtures used in the optimization of both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment processes. Products are manufactured in accordance with a patented technology that ensures their safety.

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Advantages of the DuoBent

DuoBent can be applicated at every stage of wastewater treatment, both in municipal and industrial treatment plants. Due to the modern formula, it provides improvement of technological parameters on many desired by wastewater treatment plants levels.


  • Immediate sedimentation
  • Clarification of supernatant liquid
  • Supports work efficiency of the thickener and aerobic sludge digestion
  • Improves dehydration, including possible dry weight increase up to 6%
  • Lowers the IOO index
  • COD reduction
  • solves the problem of sludge drift improve sedimentation properties of activated sludge in case of hydraulicoverloading or problems with bulking sludge immediat and effective reduction ofbiological foam which can result from various factors like substrate i.e
  • surfacants,fat
  • Reduction of ammonium nitrogen
  • Phosphorus reduction


  • To be used as a pre-precipitation
  • An alternative to chemical pre-treatment
  • Can be used in flotation
  • Reduction of the color of sludge/effluents
  • Can be used in powder or suspension form
  • Enables the reduction of pollutants limited to chemical treatment technologies, e.g. phenols, SPC NJ, fat, dissolved COD
  • can be used for degrading group of,,Emerging Contaminants’’

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Below is a simple product configurator, which step by step, depending on the type of treatment, stage of treatment and problems, will indicate the appropriate DuoBent.

How to dose DuoBent?

DuoBent can be used at all stages of the wastewater treatment process. The dosing method is determined individually and depends on the application location within the wastewater treatment plant.

Palatogram ukazujący mieszalnik preparatu DuoBent o nazwie DuoFlow

Dosing with the DuoFlow mixer
– Recommended

Dosing directly into the aeration chamber, minimizing the possibility of human error, which is often the cause of ineffective results

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Manual dosing
– Optional, up to a maximum of 100 kg

There is an option for manual dosing directly into the aeration chamber, minimizing the possibility of human error. In this case, the product must be dosed very slowly and evenly, for example, using a paddle. The manual dosing time for one bag is 10 minutes.

Piktogram ukazujący mieszalnik preparatu DuoBent o nazwie DuoFlow

Dosing using an automatic microdoser
– Individual option.

In cases where continuous dosing is necessary at high-capacity facilities, there is the option to install an automatic microdoser.

Piktogram podstawiający zlewkę chemiczną

Suspension preparation system
– Customizable option

Liquids such as water, referred to as Newtonian fluids, have viscosity directly proportional to shear velocity. The colloidal suspension DuoBent, from a physical perspective, falls under the category of non-Newtonian fluids, meaning that the change in viscosity is not proportional to the shear velocity. In this case, viscosity changes depending on the shear velocity of the fluid.

To apply the fluid suspension DuoBent to raw wastewater, such as preliminary treatment or primary settling, it is possible to install a preparation system using hydro-monitors that enable the maintenance of homogeneity and dosing into the wastewater stream.

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