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How to conduct a test with DuoBent preparation?

Conducting sedimentation tests using DuoBent preparation directly at your wastewater treatment plant.

We conduct sedimentation observation using the so-called 30-minute settling test. It should be performed EVERY TIME before application at the wastewater treatment plant.

The order of performing the test.


We pour the sludge collected from the aerobic chamber during active aeration into one-liter containers (preferably a beaker or cylinder).

We leave one sample of sludge without any additive as the “0” control. For each subsequent container, we add one vial of DuoBent preparation in the appropriate dosage. After adding the powder to the container, we mix it for about 3 minutes, either using a stirrer or manually with a laboratory pipette, for example.


Then, after approximately 5 minutes, we mix it again for a period of about 2-3 minutes.


We leave the samples for observation for 30 minutes to assess the sedimentation level. Always leave the samples for further observation for a minimum of 60 minutes (if possible, 120 minutes) for observation and comparison with the “0” sample, which is the sludge without the addition of DuoBent preparation.

If there is an occurrence of sludge flotation to the surface of the container, we conduct the test again with a smaller dose of DuoBent preparation. We observe the moment of potential sludge flotation compared to the “0” sample to determine the approximate retention time of the sludge in the secondary settler.


If the desired effect is not achieved after dosing with DuoBent preparation, we conduct the test again with a larger dose.

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