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Safe use of DuoBent

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The Safety of Using DuoBent

Safety confirmed by experience and research

Since 2015, BIOM Biological Laboratory has been conducting research involving microscopic observations of activated sludge, confirming the absence of negative effects from the applied doses of DuoBent preparation on the morphology and biocenosis of activated sludge. No changes in biological activity or signs of environmental toxicity have been observed.

Additionally, the research conducted so far has shown a tenfold increase in the population of aerobic bacteria after the application of DuoBent compared to control samples, directly indicating the potential for an increase in their population on submicron particles of the preparation.

The safety of using the preparation is also confirmed by over 8 years of DuoBent’s presence in the European market. We have successfully assisted in optimizing wastewater treatment processes on over 150 treatment plants throughout Poland.

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